Stows in place - A hitch when you need it, a level ben when you don't.  Instead of worrying about where to store the ball when you're not using it, the Turnoverball® lets you store it where you need it.

Versatile - Pairs with a variety of accessories.  Need more turning clearance?  Need to add a fifth wheel?  B&W have you covered with a lineup of accessories that fit into the Turnoverball® mounting system.

Square is Better - It's hip to be square.  Fitting a square peg into a round hole is kind of B&W's thing.  While others use a round base and receiver, B&W likes the security of a square receiver.  The square base keeps accessories aligned with the truck, so a Companion or four-inch extender is possible.

Easy Install - No welding or bed removal required.  The underbed mounting system bolts to already existing holes in the frame of your truck.  Only a 4" hole in the truck bed is required.

Level Bed - What's the point of a bed if you can't use it?  B&W believes your bed is yours to use - take the kids camping, throw a mower or lumber in the back - you know, the things you bought a truck for in the first place.  Your hitch shouldn't get in the way of that.

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